Data Science Certificate Program

Skills in Data Science are in high demand in both industry and academia. Familiarity with these analytic tools gives the certificate-holder a competitive advantage as a job candidate, and also enables more efficient and productive research. The short courses offered by the Data Science Initiative form a basic foundation in modern tools and techniques. Graduate Division will award students who complete all requirements with a certificate in Data Science.

The Data Science certificate generally avoids overlap with curriculum in existing classes, but rather builds practical skills which are not well-represented in available academic courses. The only prerequisite is some familiarity with a programming language such as python, R, java, matlab, etc.

After completing an initial workshop, UCI graduate students can enroll in the certificate program here.


Short courses

Certified students must complete 32 hours of class time, typically consisting of 4-5 short courses. This may consist of 4 full-day courses, or 3 full-day and 2 half-day workshops, as long as the required 32 hours is met. Additionally, at least 2 courses must be chosen from our Introductory level, and at least 2 from our Advanced division. Current courses listed as Introductory include:

  • Introduction to R
  • Predictive Modeling with Python
  • Introduction to DB

Courses listed as Advanced also include several half-day workshops that count as 4 hours towards the 32 hour requirement. Workshops in this Advanced category currently include:

  • Advanced Prediction with Python
  • Topics in R
  • Spatio-temporal Models
  • A Deep Intro to Julia
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Software Carpentry

Assistant Instructing

The final requirement is to help instruct a course. A student can help to instruct any course which they have already taken. The goal for this requirement is that the participant cement their own understanding of the basic concepts, while also practicing instruction of others. Ultimately the participants will spread the skills that they have learned to their colleagues.

Goals for Certified Data Science Students

Awardees will have core skills, including:

  • calculating summary statistics
  • data cleaning and filtering
  • data visualization
  • regression models
  • classification models

And familiarity with tools:

  • R
  • python
  • git & GitHub


Who is eligible?

Currently-enrolled UCI graduate students.

If I have already taken DSI workshops, will they count towards the certificate?

Yes, as long as we can verify from our records that you attend the workshop.

How do I sign up for workshops?

Join the mailing list, and stay tuned for announcements. There are workshops every quarter, typically towards the beginning. Workshops are usually announced 2-4 weeks ahead of when they are scheduled. The announcement emails will contain links to pages where you can register for the workshop.

Is there an application process?

No, you just need to attend workshops and be a TA for a workshop.

How can I enroll?

You can enroll after completing your first workshop. Please fill out the enrollment form.

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