Posters for Symposium on Recent Advancements in Data Science

Thomas E. BakerPhysicsPure Density Functional Theory with Machine Learning
Alex ChaseEcology and Evolutionary BiologyAnalysis of an Abundant Bacterial Genus in a Leaf Litter Community
Julian ColladoComputer ScienceJet Flavor Classification in High-Energy Physics with Deep Neural Networks and LSTM
Vanessa DelgadoSociologyAn Assessment of Undocumented Student Resources at the University of California
Taylor FaucettPhysics and AstronomyReverse Engineering Physics from Neural Networks
Arnau Francí-RodonMechanical and Aerospace EngineeringOptimization of Air Traffic Control in the Face of Convective
Weather Fronts
Garren GautCognitive ScienceImproving Government Response to Citizen Requests Online
Jason GravelCriminology, Law, and SocietySocial and Spatial Constraints on Gang Member Co-Offending and Mobility Patterns
Koko GulessarianStatisticsThe Impact of Environmental Air Pollution on Pediatric Asthma
Attacks: Identification of Differentially Susceptible Subpopulations
Preston HinklePhysics and AstronomyDeveloping a Resistive Pulse Sensing Analysis Pipeline for Cell
Jianfeng JiaComputer ScienceCloudberry: Interactive Analytics and Visualization on Large Scale
Spatial-Temporal-Text Data
Bailey Kong and James SupancicComputer ScienceProviding a Statistical Foundation for Shoeprint Forensics
Zachary LabeEarth System ScienceMaking the Most of Arctic Sea Ice Thickness Observations
Melissa MatlockPublic HealthSpatiotemporal Analysis of Valley Fever in Vulnerable California Counties
Colleen Nell and Emily AbbotEcology and Evolutionary BiologyData in the Classroom: Interactive Web Applications Engage
Biology Undergraduates
Dustin PlutaStatisticsEvaluating Computational Performance of Tensor Regression
Methods, with Applications to fMRI Data
Christopher RackauckasMathematicsEarly-Warning Signals of Metastasis in Human Breast Cancer
Aryan SafaieCivil and Environmental EngineeringCharacterizing High Frequency Temperature Variability on Global Reef Environments, with Implications for Resistance to Bleaching
Cory ScottComputer ScienceNumerical Results on Directed Graph Process Distances for
Model Architectures: Inter and Intra-Lineage
Yang ShiElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceTensor Contractions Using Extended BLAS Kernels on CPU and
Anastasia ShubaElectrical Engineering and Computer ScienceAntMonitor: A System for Mobile Network Monitoring, Learning,
and Control
Elham ZargarSchool of EducationMining Student Usage Data to Inform Design and Enhance