UCI Data Science Initiative Meet the Data Science FellowsMeet the 2015 Data Science Graduate Summer Fellows

The UCI Data Science Initiative is pleased to announce the 2015 Graduate Summer Fellows. This program supports UCI PhD students involved in new interdisciplinary research projects that have a strong data science/data analysis component.

Fellows received over $6,000 plus benefits to develop summer research projects that explore promising new topics.

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Project Title Student 1 Faculty Advisor PhD Program & Department of Student and Advisor Student 2 (if any) PhD Program & Department of 2nd Student
Conformation Space Graphs of Macromolecules:from Network Inference to Dynamics Gianmarc Grazioli Ioan Andricioaei Chemistry
Validation of marine and terrestrial paleoclimate records from Southeast Asia Jessica Wang Kathleen Johnson Earth System Science
Simulation of the Basic Response of a CMOS Chip to a Cosmic Ray Particle John A Sandy Daniel Whiteson Physics and Astronomy
Schools and Neighborhood Crime: The Effects of Dropout Rates, Graduation Rates, and Test Scores on Youth Crime Julie Gerlinger John R. Hipp Criminology, Law & Society
Food Scraps, Social Norms, and the City: Testing New Policy Tools based on Social-Psychological Theories Sally Geislar Dave Feldman Planning, Policy, and Design
The Educational Performance of the Children of Immigrants in Alternate Family Types from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade Daniel Millan Ovando Stan Bailey Sociology
Qualitative data archive on ethics and moral choice Sarah Bach kristen monroe Social Ecology Gabriel Anderson Political Science
Maternal mortality study Nicole DeVille Dr. Andrew Noymer Public Health
Interdisciplinary Efforts towards Understanding the Effects of Climate Change on California Mussels Lauren McQuinn Dr. Cascade Sorte Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Big Data and High Dimensional Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Uncertainty Quantification in Ocean Carbon Cycle Models Gregory Britten Francois Primeau Earth System Science
Out of the Valley: A multi-disciplinary approach to forecasting valley fever dispersal in the southwestern U.S. Linh Anh Cat Kathleen Treseder Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Morgan Gorris Earth System Science
Creating Longitudinal Family Identifiers in Confidential Census Microdata Brian J Asquith Marianne Bitler Economics, Department of Economics David Hirschberg Computer Science
Origins and impacts of a highly invasive species in the desert Southwest Daniel Winkler Travis Huxman Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Predictive modeling in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC's) using probabilistic graphical models Forough Arabshahi Animashree Anandkumar Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Defining a New Brain State for use in Robotic Therapy: A Data-Driven Approach Sumner Norman David Reinkensmeyer Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Impact of Twitterbot Advocacy on HPV Declination Status John Schomberg Hoda Anton Culver Epidemiology